Gulgong Holtermann Museum Inc.

GHM CommitteeChris Pearson (Chairman), Bruce McGregor, Bill Larner, Maurice Gaudrey, David Warner and Maureen Hall


GULGONG HOLTERMANN MUSEUM INC. is a community based association which has been established to conserve and promote Gulgong’s rich gold rush history through the restoration of two of its earliest buildings within which will be housed an interactive educational and tourist facility based on the renowned Holtermann photographs taken during the town’s “roaring days” in the 1870’s.

Other Key Personnel

This will be a community based project involving local residents, businesses and trades people with a variety of personnel being called upon to lend their expertise at various stages throughout its implementation from the restoration of the building through to the compilation and mounting of the exhibition and the production of the associated educational material.

Gary Cross, a highly respected local licensed builder with over 45 years in the industry and with extensive experience restoring older buildings has offered to be Project Manager.

Jiri Lev, museum building design.

Barbara Hickson, an accredited local architect who has been the Heritage Advisor for many significant towns throughout Central West NSW, will also lend her expertise to this project.

Ruth Davis is a Gulgong local who has a wealth of knowledge having lived in Gulgong all her life. She has spent many years researching the town and its surrounding areas and has kept records of newspapers and old photos going back to the 1870’s. There is not much Ruth does not know about the the people and buildings of Gulgong and it is for this reason we have invited her to join us as our Voluntary Historian, a position she has taken on with much enthusiasm.